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Schramm Drill RigsFounded in 1900, Schramm, Inc. initially began manufacturing engine driven machinery as well as portable air compressor units. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that Schramm drill rigs lead the way in air flush drilling and continued manufacturing drilling equipment from then on.

Since then Schramm drill rigs have not only expanded into new global markets such as the South American, Asian, European and African drill rig markets but also into new drilling industries where they’ve continued to push the industry limits.

Schramm drilling rigs provide excellent performance for these industries:

  • Energy Drilling Rigs
    • These compact Schramm drill rigs feature unparalleled mobility with a hoist capability of 500,000 lbs. and unmatched pipe handling.
  • Mineral Exploration Drilling Rigs
    • Conquer any terrain and climate with the extreme exploration Schramm drill rigs available with truck or track mounts.
  • Geothermal Drilling Rigs
    • Get the most of these great geothermal Schramm drill rigs with advanced automation and up to 700 feet of on board piping storage.
  • Water Well Drilling Rigs
    • Perfect for commercial or residential job sites, these Schramm drill rigs are built for maximum performance and reliability.

Currently Schramm, Inc. continues to manufacture and supply the hydraulic drilling rig industry with reliable, high quality equipment worldwide. Their heavy emphasis on achieving long term client relationships and overall dedication to the drilling rig industry has made the success of Schramm drill rigs undeniable. Their continued innovation in the drilling industry has guaranteed Schramm, Inc. a spot in the drilling industries future.


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