Gardner Denver 1100M Drilling Rig 1500hp
16000′ RatingGardner Denver 1100M Drilling Rig 1500hp16000′ RatingGardner Denver 1100M Drilling Rig 1500hp

Gardner Denver 1100M Drilling Rig 1500hp, 16,000′ Rating

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Product Description

Gardner-Denver 1100M Drilling Rig 1500hp

Rated for 16,000 feet
Mast-Skytop Brewster 142' x 1,000,000# SHL Capacity, 25' leg spread.  Serial #78-111.  Racking board with a full setback of 255 stands of 4 1/2" drill pipe.  Crown block 7 x 60'.  Twelve line capacity.  Mast weight is 116,095#
Sub Base- Ideco 21' High step-down box on box.  Modified to meet API 4F-RP4G Category 4 specs.  Rated to 1,000,000# and a setback capacity of 700,000#
Drawworks-  Gardner Denver 1100M Single Drum Drawworks.  Rated to 1500hp, with 1 3/8" Lebus grooved drum, three engine sectional compound, driven by three (3), CAT 3412 engines (each rated @ 725hp/2000RPM.  Drawworks equipped with Parkersburg V-200 Hydro-Matic auxiliary brake.  Kelco make-up and break-out Catheads
Block/Hook-  Ideco UTB 525 Six (6) 1-3/8" sheaves.  525 ton block/hook combination
Rotary Table-  Gardner Denver 27-1/2" x 53" rotary table.  Chain driven from drawworks
Swivel-  Continental-Emsco LB-500 swivel with spare quick-change packing
Pumps- Two (2) 3NB1300 (Chinese) Tri-plex pumps, 1300hp.  Both pumps have the same serial #.  Both pumps equipped with pulsation dampeners and pop-off valves.  Pump #1 is charged by a 6" x 8" centrifugal pump powered by a 40hp electric motor.  Pump #2 is charged by a 50hp electric motor.  Both pumps are belt driven by a D-399 Catepillar engine, rated @1,225hp
Mud Pits- Three (30 pits, 1,500 barrel capacity.  Within the pits there are sand traps, settling pit, and two 60 barrel spot/slugging tanks.  Pits also equipped with eleven (11) derrick 10hp, KF87AM215 horizontal mud agitators,  two (2) 6" x 8" centrifugal mixing pumps, both driven by 75hp electric motors.  Three (3) 6" x 8" centrifugal desander/desilter/degasser pumps, all driven by 75hp electric motors.  Pits also have covers included
Shaker- One (1) Derrick Dual FLC-503/High 'G' Shaker.  Two (2) 25hp motors on each shaker.  Derrick model #SGX-34-18-460/480 6-001.  1800RPM
Mud Cleaner- One(1) Derrick FLC-503/High 'G' (2-16) Desander/Desilter/Mud Cleaner.  25hp motors, derrick model #SGX-34-18-460/480 6-001.  1,800 RPM.  Two (2) 10" Desanding Cones (1,200 gpm).  Sixteen (16) 4" desilting cones (1,280 gpm)
Degasser-  One (1) Derrick VACU-FLO 1200 Degasser
T.P. House- One (1) 10'W x 10' H x 56' L combination office/living quarters for toolpushers
House- Top house with lockers and knowledge box.  BOP remote start.
Bottom House - Tool/change house combination. 8'W x 9'H x 38' L.  Lockers and storage shelves for rig supplies.
Diesel Tank- One (1) 10'W x 7'H x 34'L with two (2) 1.25" x .75" transfer pumps. Tank volume is 17,800 gallons. 212 gals./in
Water Tank- One (1) 7'8" W x 6'H x 30'L tank with three (3) 5" x 6" centrifugal transfer pumps, each powered by a 30hp electric motor. Tank volume is 500 barrels.
Gen. House- One (1) 10'W x 9'H x 50'L generator house, housing two(2) Catepillar SR4 500KW generator sets. Two (2) Curtis Model RS40 air compressors, rated @ 150cfm @ 150psi. Breaker panels and switch gear.
Rig Basket - One (1) 8'W x 3'H x 34' L rig basket for hauling/handling tools, rotary bushings, tongs, etc.
BOP Control Unit- C.P.C. Six (6) station BOP control unit with rig floor remote.  Powered by a consolidated pressure control, Model CPC BP-4032 Triplex pump, powered by an Emerson 20hp electric motor, Cat. #1C20E8, plus two(2) air driven pumps.  Unit has a 150 gallon capacity.
Slick line unit-  Five Star Model 092X20000 Surveyor. Unit has 20,000' of .092 slick line.
Hyd. Unit- One (1) Nova HPU-S40 Hydraulic power unit. Powered by a WEG model 04018XP3E32UTC 40hp electric motor.  Driving a type K3VL807A-10RKS-PO/1-L@ Hydraulic pump. Unit is used to operate kelly spinner and pipe spinner.


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