Atlas Copco XRVO 1550/365  Air Compressor
Atlas Copco XRVO 1550/365  Air CompressorAtlas Copco XRVO 1550/365  Air CompressorAtlas Copco XRVO 1550/365  Air Compressor

Atlas Copco XRVO 1550/365 Air Compressor


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Product Description



Technical Data

Nominal pressure: 365 psi, 25 bar

1550 cfm

U.S. oil capacity:  20.1 gallons

2" air outlet

Catepillar Engine, C18 Twin Turbo

700 Horsepower, Engine Speed (nominal) 1800 rpm, Engine Speed (unloaded) 1300 rpm

Unit Dimensions LxWxH

With Push Fan: 157.5 x 86.6 x 80.7 (inches)

With Pull Fan: 157.5 x 86.6 x 90.6 (inches)

Single Service Side
- Compressor control panel
- Standard fuel filters
(10 micron and 3 micron)
- Heavy duty dual fuel filters (optional)
- Electric fuel primer
- Engine oil filters
- Engine oil top up tank (optional)
- Engine air filters
- Compressor air filters
- Oil vessel separator
- Air outlet valve
- Spill pan (under unit)
- Emergency stop button
- Batteries
- FuelXpert™ (supplied as standard)
- External fuel connections
(supplied as standard)
Available options
- Aftercooler with water separator and
bypass valve
- Particulate and oil mist filters
- Oiltronix™
(standard supply on 435 psi/ 30 bar)
- Dual pressure switch
(only for 435 psi/ 30 bar)
- Cold weather equipment
- Engine coolant preheater
- 100 psi / 7 bar service air outlet
- Refinery equipment (inlet shutdown valve and spark arrestor)
- Night lights with timer
- Wireless remote control

Extended warranty
In combination with our different service programs and Oiltronix™, we offer extended warranty up to 5 years

Key Features
Very high air flow
Reduced fleet size
Booster feed compressor from a single unit
Very high ambient
Operate in ambient temperatures up to 55°C / 131°F
Push or Pull fan
Integration in OEM equipment
Pull fan is standard for the aftercooler installation
Low relative weight
Meets standard road hauling axle limits
Compact size
Easy fitment in OEM installation
Standard 20 ft container transport (removable pull fan top air duct)
Single Service Side
Effective and fast service time
Equipment can be positioned optimally with an installation
Pull fan or Push fan

Compressor service and parts provided through Venture Drilling Supply.  Get the extras air to get your drill rig to drill deeper!


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