Atlas Copco Automatic Pipe Loader-RD20/RD20XC
Atlas Copco Automatic Pipe Loader-RD20/RD20XCAtlas Copco Automatic Pipe Loader-RD20/RD20XCAtlas Copco Automatic Pipe Loader-RD20/RD20XC

Atlas Copco Automatic Pipe Loader-RD20/RD20XC


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Product Description

High levels of safety and performance
are priorities in the oil fi eld. The
availability of a reliable, hands-free,
pipe-and-casing handling system for the
RD20 and RD20 XC will have a major
impact on enhancing effi ciency and
performance during the drilling process.
The Atlas Copco Automatic Pipe Loader
(APL) is a stand-alone, hands-free
system that can handle a wide range
of tubulars. APL is a skid-mounted load
that is simple to mobilize and rig up. A
wireless control module and hands-free
operation reduce manual labor, enhance
effi ciency and reduce pipe-handling time
and cost. Designed exclusively for the
RD20 or RD20 XC, APL is supplied ready
to go to work with it’s own hydraulic
power unit. It is designed “oil fi eld smart
and oil fi eld tough” to provide years of
reliable service.
Oil Field

The APL is powered by an electric-over-hydraulic power
module supplied with the APL. The hydraulic module
receives electric power from the location generator.
Hydraulic output is 64 gpm @ 3 000 psi (242 lpm @ 207
bar) for operating the APL at optimum performance
with up to a 6,000-lb (2 727-Kg) per unit pipe weight.
The power module is supplied complete with hoses and
quick-connect hydraulic fi ttings. Available in both 50hz
and 60 hz versions at 230 and 460 volts.
In today’s oil patch, light-weight, highly mobile rigs like
the RD20 and RD20 XC have to handle a wide range
of tubulars, often on the same well. APL is designed to
give contractors a system that adapts to tubular changes
quickly and easily.
APL can handle standard RD20 external fl ush pipe and
collars in 30 ft (9 m) lengths or Range II external upset oil
fi eld drill pipe and collars up to a maximum unit weight
of 6,000 lbs (2 727-Kg) each. APL is set up to work with
Range III oil fi eld casing diameters between 4 ½ in (114.3
mm) and 13 3/ 8 in (340 mm) and up to 45 ft (13.7 m) in
length. Because the twin hydraulic pipe clamps grab and
secure the pipe on the tubing section, different tool joint
or coupling confi gurations do not impact loader operation
or performance.
Today’s oil, gas and CBM drilling requirements also
demand adaptability to several drill rig placements on
a location. Some rigs are set up at ground level or on a
low-fl oat base. Other applications call for the rig to be
positioned on an elevated substructure up to 10 ft (3 m)
above ground level to accommodate a BOP stack. The
APL is designed to work with rig placements from ground
level to 10-ft (3-m) substructures without modifi cation.
The APL can easily work in conjunction with free-standing
pipe racks or hydraulic pipe tubs. This exceptional fl exibility
reduces downtime, eliminates additional equipment
requirements and saves money.

The APL is a compact, self-contained, single load. The oil
fi eld skid base makes loading, unloading and placement
quick and simple. When the APL arrives on location, it is
positioned directly behind the rig and the wireless control
module is activated.
A six-point hydraulic leveling and alignment system levels
the APL on the center line of the rig and the hole center.
The leveling jacks provide a strong, stable base with the
APL fully loaded with pipe, collars or casing. If the position
of the rig or loader does change during operation, the APL
can make adjustments to its position quickly and easily to
maintain alignment.
Once the APL is positioned behind the rig, the four pipe
racks are swung out and locked. Hydraulic jacks on the end
of each rack are run to the ground to stabilize the racks
under load. These jacks enable the end of the racks to be
raised so pipe rolls to the clamps while drilling or tripping in.
Lowering the racks makes pipe roll to the outer end of the
racks while tripping out of the hole. Pipe stops, at the end
of each rack, prevent pipe from rolling off the racks. Stops
on the inner end of each rack position each pipe for loading.

Once the APL is positioned behind the rig and deployed for
drilling, the pipe racks are loaded with the drill pipe, collars or
casing. The racks are set to roll pipe toward the loader. The inner
pipe on each rack is in the pre-loading position. This pipe is above
a set of hydraulic fl ippers that lift the pipe and roll it into the
clamps on the jib arm. The operator can load pipe from either the
left or right pipe racks at any time.
When the pipe is in the clamps, the clamp jaws are closed and
the pipe is elevated to the vertical position behind the mast. The
twin clamps have the required force to secure up to a 6,000 lb
(2 727 Kg) pipe or collar with an adequate safety factor. The jib
arm is extended to position the pipe under the top drive spindle
in alignment with hole center. Once the top drive has spun onto
the joint, the clamps are opened and the transfer arm returns to
the horizontal position to accept the next joint of pipe. Normal
cycle time is about one minute per joint of pipe.
Once the pipe clamps have closed with the transfer arm in the
horizontal (loading) position, they cannot be opened until the jib
arm has reached its vertical position under the top drive spindle
and the joint is connected. There is also a button on the driller’s
console that the driller must push before the pipe man can
release the clamps. In the event of a hose or pump failure during
any part of the operation, the clamps will not open until suffi cient
pressure is applied to overcome the clamp locking pressure.
The wireless control module enables the pipe man to operate
the APL from different locations around the rig, on the ground
or on the work fl oor of the substructure. He can operate the
APL in the position that provides the best visibility of the crew
and the overall operation, which enhances safety. The best thing
about the APL is that it never gets tired or slows down on long,
demanding trips.

DIMENSIONS     U.S.     METRIC      
Length     50.4 ft     15.3 m      
Width (transport)     8.5 ft     2.6 m     
 Width (drilling)     20.6 ft     6.2 m      
Height     4.7 ft     1.4 m      
Weight     35,000 lb     15 875 kg      
Outside Diameter     3 ½ in – 13 3/8 in     88.9 – 339.7 mm      
Length     28 ft – 45 ft     8.5 – 13.6 m      
Maximum Pipe Weight     6,000 lb     2 727 kg      
 Electric Motor     100 HP (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)     75 kw      
    50 / 60 Hz @ 230 / 460V     50 / 60 Hz @ 230 / 460V      
Hydraulic Output     64 gpm @ 3000 psi     242 lpm @ 207 bar      
    Class 1, Division 1 wireless radio remote,          



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