2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill
2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill

2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range III Drill


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Product Description

2001 Ingersoll Rand RD20 Range 3 Drill Rig- Drill rig only

Crane Carrier base truck

Cummins QSK Deck Engine

Ingersoll Rand 1250/350 air compressor

Fuller Transmission

Many rebuilds and repairs.  Machine haxs been well taken care of and is ready to drill.  See repair list below


May.1, 2005
Tested all coolants
March.25, 2006
Changed water pump taper lock, hydraulic pump & motor
July.12, 2006
Checked engine fault codes, unplugged harness from coolant sensor
September.24, 2006
Replaced rotation head cradle, sealed tip hatch on hydraulic tank, fabricated locks for bowl in table,
replaced pump stroke cable & breakout wrench pedistal, fabricated guard for hydraulic hoses in back
of derrick, replaced bottom travel wheels, changed hydraulic oil & filters, changed floating sub.,
fabricated guids in hose trough on derrick, replaced pulldown & torque gauges in console, replaced
passengers side main cylinder
November.3, 2006
Greased rig
November.9, 2006
Replaced air breather filter on hydraulic tank & two stage pump on gear box
November.10, 2006
Replaced main pump hose & hose off of main valve body that runs up derrick & three spool pump
November.11, 2006
Replaced four cradle pins for travel blocks
December.8, 2006
Replaced hydraulic filters, compressor oil filters, one inch hydraulic check valve, fan releif valve, hi-
lo fan control, rubber elbow for compressor intake, rotation motors & main pumps
December.8, 2006
Changed three spool pump
December.9, 2006
Changed two stage pump
January.10, 2007
Changed oil & filters, replaced fuel filters, installed new 3/4" ball vaves on water pump, greased
derrick, head packing & floating sub, added two gallons of antifreeze, blew out air filters
January.12, 2007
Changed two stage pump
February.23, 2007
Replaced rotation head
February.25, 2007
Replaced ball check valves on water pump
March.2, 2007
Replaced alternator belt on deck engine
March.3, 2007
Replaced 1/2" winch line, 7/16" winch line, welded straps on floating sub, installed new grease
fittings in travel wheels & greased
March.7, 2007
Checked fire extinguishers, installed safety cables on hoses, installed hand rails on catwalks &
painted yellow
May.4, 2007
Installled one new steering tire
May.12, 2007
Changed oil & filters & replaced fuel filters on deck engine
June.6, 2007
Replaced two stage pump
June.23, 2007
5,642 hours
Changed oil & filters
January.15, 2008
Replaced three spool pump
January.20, 2008
56429 hours
Changed oil & filter
January.27, 2008
Replaced hydraulic cooler
March. 2008
Adjusted front axles, replaced all tires, built extension on front & repaired city horn
May.29, 2008
Repaired headlights & clearance lights
May.30, 2008
D.O.T. Inspected
July.15, 2008
Replaced main pump & all hydraulic filters
July.18, 2008
Replaced pump on aux.
July.21, 2008
Replaced right rear jack cylinder
August.11, 2008
2104 hours
Repaired electrical & starting system
August.23, 2008
Rebuilt in & out box
October.9, 2008
Replaced right hand drag link & steering cylinder & greased
November.20, 2008
Repaired elbow in hydraulic tank & handrails, replaced 1 1/4" hose to slow feed, small winch,
gasket on compressor elbow & console light switch
February.19, 2009
7500+ hours
Replaced deck engine, hoses, belts & coolant
March.10, 2009
12873 hours
Replaced starter on deck engine
March.22, 2009
Changed compressor oil & filter
March.24, 2009
5642 hours
Changed engine oil & oil in gear box
April.14, 2009
Replaced compressor filters only
May.14, 2009
Replaced oil pressure gauge, emergency kill switch, tach, engine wiring harness, suction fuel lines
from tank to engine & repaired & installed console cover
January.18, 2010
2706 hours
Replaced alternator, hydraulic oil & filters, compressor oil & filters, head oil & cradle blocks, old
style three spool with four spool valves & bent pinion at back of table, repaired bowl in table, rebuilt  
husco handles & bushings, repaired fitting in travel hose & bracket, replaced & repaired wiring for
lights, repaired rock drill pump & sealed tank
July.9, 2010
2706 hours
Cummins recalibrated engine to run smoother, adjusted fan speeds & checked over, replaced brake
on left side of rear axle, repaired air leak
October.17, 2010
27065 hours
Replaced motor on bean pump
October.19, 2010
2706 hours
Changed oil & filter
March.14, 2011
Replaced alternator & put new pins & blocks in cradle
April.17, 2011
D.O.T. inspected
May.4, 2011
Replaced starter
June.10, 2011
Replaced lower blocks where lower sheives are , adjusted cables, changed oil in rotation head,
replaced wear sleeve & packings, replaced one main pump, turned funk box gear around as one
side was worn out, tightened spring on UL88 valve
July.6, 2011
Replaced right main pump, changed hydraulic oil & filters, changed big canister filter by rock drill
tank & cleaned all housings
August.11, 2011
Replaced cooling fan pump & relief valve, moved carriage blocks, tightened cables & aligned head
August.13, 2011
Replaced gasket on top seal housing of bll shaft, welded hammer union around bottom & replaced
middle o-ring on left hand head motor
August.18, 2011
Replaced right rear hydraulic cylinder, replaced P20 pump
November.2, 2011
Replaced hydraulic pump drive & P20 pump


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