Drill Rigs from Venture Drilling Supply

Venture Drilling Supply, LLC. can get the drill rig that best suites the project it's needed for. Based on the criteria you provide, we can recommend a drill rig for your project or find you a specifc rig you are looking for. We also offer servicing and repairs on rigs if needed. We are the one stop shop for drill rigs, parts, accessories and supplies.

Depending on the application, each drill rig varies in size, capability, and price. The conditions the rig will be operating under is also a factor in choosing the best drill rig for the job. Both terrain and ground type can determine which drill rig or drill type should be used. The desired depth of the job plays a role in choosing a rig as well because some rigs can drill much deeper than others.

Drill Rig Types Available:

We also have several drill rigs available for rental from single day to entire project timelines.

Venture Drilling Supply, LLC. carries different makes and models of drill rigs from:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Bucyrus Erie
  • Caldwell
  • Casagrande
  • Drilltech
  • Failing

Don't hesitate to ask about a particular rig. If we don't have a specific rig in stock, we can find it for you. We also offer replacement drill rig parts for drill rigs along with accessories. Whether you are maintaining or updating or upgrading the cab, lights, hydraulics, motors, cables, winches or any other parts. Ventrure Drilling Supply, LLC. will find you the rig or the parts you are looking for.


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