Atlas Copco Drill Rigs

Atlas Copco has been around since 1873 developing innovative equipment and unparalleled drilling rig performance. Due to their impressive development capabilities, Atlas Copco drilling rigs are rated among the top performers in efficiency and ability in today’s drilling industry.

Atlas Copco drilling rigs are fully capable of accommodating a huge range of drilling needs thanks to their diverse drilling rig equipment line. Each Atlas Copco drilling rig serves a unique purpose and is specifically designed to outperform the needs of each drilling area.

Atlas Copco drilling rig areas of expertise include:

  • Oil and gas drilling rigs
    • Designed for quick set up times and high mobility, the oil and gas Atlas Copco drilling rigs outperform all others in their productivity and efficiency with excellent feed systems and pipe handling.

  • Geotechnical drilling rigs
    • Based upon the experience and knowledge gained from underground and surface drilling, these Atlas Copco drilling rigs are designed to meet the requirements of any Geotechnical drilling need.

  • Surface drilling rigs
    • Used mainly for blast hole drilling, quarrying and open-pit mining, these Atlas Copco drilling rigs offer the largest range of surface drills available on today’s market.

  • Water well drilling rigs
    • Engineered primarily for applications requiring air or mud rotary, these Atlas Copco drilling rigs are available in lightweight and heavyweight options and can be mounted on either a carrier or truck. TH60 Water Well Drill Rig

  • Exploration drilling rigs
    • These Atlas Copco drilling rigs focus on ground exploration and investigation, as well as ore body definition and reserve evaluation.

Atlas Copco drilling rigs are rated among the best for their diverse rigging options as well as their reliability. Constantly pushing the limits of drilling, Atlas Copco drilling rigs will continue to provide the industry with the performance and stability that has become expected of them.


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