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Venture Drilling Supply LLC.Venture Drilling Supply, LLC is a new and used drill rig dealer and servicing company. Venture Drilling Supply LLC provides inspected, used drill rigs for clients to purchase at significant savings over buying new. Also, Venture Drilling Supply LLC's service department is well known for aftermarket add-ons for performance as well as comfort for the operators.

Venture Drilling Supply was established because the drilling industry needed a provider of used drill rigs to be bought, sold, and refurbished. Giving smaller drilling companies the opportunity to compete with larger corporations on bigger drilling jobs than every possible. Leveling the competition for drilling rig companies and stimulating the economy. Venture Drilling Supply LLC lists rigs available in our area that can be inspected and tested thoroughly.

While some drill rig companies want you to purchase their drill rig to add to your fleet, what if you only occassionally do certain drilling jobs. Venture Drilling Supply LLC offers drill rig rentals for short term jobs. Our reasonable drill rig rental rates enable companies to take on jobs they may not own equipment for. Opening up more job opportunities for experienced drilling companies, allowing for expansion and more income potential.

Drill rigs get dirty, worn, and experience a great deal of wear and tear so let Venture Drilling Supply LLC. maintain your drill rigs. Our professionally trained and experienced mechanics can perform regular maintenance on your drill rigs, as well as repairs and aftermarket add-ons. Keeping your drill rig running for a long time is Venture Drilling Supply LLC’s secondary service. We not only sell the drill rigs, but we sell and install the parts to keep them running well.

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